Counselling/Psychotherapy Nederlands


(All sessions are offered in English or in Dutch)

As a trained counsellor and therapist, I support my clients as they deal with a wide variety of issues or problems in their personal or professional lives.

The most basic counselling technique is the art of active listening and supporting.

Active listening means truly hearing what you as a client are telling me and then asking questions that help you to deepen your insight into your feelings and motives and gain clarity on how an unwanted situation has unfolded in your life.

Looking inside for answers to these questions will help you to understand yourself better and what your unfulfilled needs are in the situation as well as discovering how you can start to make positive changes.

Supporting you means not judging anything you as my client tell me about yourself but accepting you completely as you are, while having total confidence in your ability to grow and transform and make the right choices for you.

For many people it is enough to express their problems out loud, own their own feelings about a situation and explore various options with the counsellor.

Often, however, it is also valuable or even necessary to go to the root of the problem and gain insight into the underlying reasons behind patterns of behaviour or blocked emotions that do not serve us or even cause pain to ourselves and others. We discover why we act or feel the way we do, how we hold ourselves back in life or work and how we can initiate positive change in our lives and relationships.

When we delve deeper into the origin of behaviour patterns that do not serve us, we leave counselling behind and enter the work field of psychotherapy.

The techniques and interventions I might use with a client in counselling or psychotherapy include: Rogerian Counselling, the Egan Method, NLP, Inner Child Work, The Healing Journey, Gestalt, Regression, Hypnotherapy ,Solution-based Psychotherapy and RET.

Sessions last between 60 and 90 minutes and cost €60 an hour.