What people are saying


"Came to Sinead for help, following some severe panic attacks I suddenly started experiencing during public speaking in work. Through hypnotherapy and counselling, Sinead was able to both identify the root cause of my panic attacks, helping me to understand where they came from, and also stop them from happening. Sinead did hypnotherapy sessions with me, where I also recorded them and listened to them in between sessions, helping me to stop going into a panic response when speaking in public. I had a big conference several weeks after seeing her, and where I felt completely calm and it went really well. I would highly recommend Sinead as both a counsellor and hypnotherapist."

Aoife D., Manager

"Sinéad Daly gave me some deep insights into my issues. Sinéad combines a deep respect for her client as an individual with the capacity to stimulate you to take the next step in your self-development. She is very sharp in her insights and analyses but this is always coupled with compassion and patience."

Natalie D., manager, Amsterdam

"Sinéad is a fantastic therapist. I found her very gifted in her profession and she has a very warm and non-judgmental approach. I came to her for counselling because I had serious problems in my job. Sinéad helped me a lot with gaining insight into these problems and helped me resolve some of them. Sinéad used different techniques with me including hypnotherapy, NLP and Gestalt. I found her very good at combining elements from different approaches to give me a series of therapy sessions that were uniquely suited to my personal situation."

Maya K., computer analyst, Amsterdam

"Many of my patients don't see the connection between social, physical and mental problems,so I send them to Heathy Choices. Sinéad Daly is excellent in her work and seems to always go straight to the source of the problem with her clients. Her skill at restoring balance to body and mind is combined with a warm, open and empathic manner."

Bas V., doctor, Amsterdam

"I suffered from severely debilitating back pain for 44 years before I came to Sinéad for treatment. I was often unable to perform my duties as director of various natonal and internatonal companies. I would lose muscle control and be unable to walk, sit or stand. I was sometimes forced to lie on the ground for days, completely immobilised by pain. After 6 months of weekly massage therapy with Sinéad, all my pain and other symptoms had vanished. 4 years after my last treatment, they have still not returned and I consider myself cured of what seemed to be an incurable condition. I advise anyone in a high managerial position with physical symptoms to go to Healthy Choices."

Joost D., director and author, Hilversum

"Sinéad Daly is literally my life-saver. She massages me every week to treat my back pain caused by scoliosis. My internist told me that without these sessions I would not even be able to stand up. I always send my singing students with physical blocks to Healthy Choices beause they learn to breathe more effectively, to see how different parts of the body react to each other and how to restore inner balance. This improves their performance on stage."

Esther M., owner singing studio, Amsterdam

"Sinéad Daly is a great and gentle therapist. She is very skilled and thorough in her work, challenging her clients to face their issues yet very sensitive in her approach."

Pepper S., owner Best Body Spa, Amsterdam / Haarlem